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Ana and Christine

we joyfully invite you to our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Soccer has always been a big part of both our lives so it’s fitting that it’s also where we met and how we became friends.

Over the course of a few soccer seasons we bonded over post-game socials (“just one more”) and found ourselves looking for more reasons to spend time together outside of soccer. One “it’s not a date” trip to the AGO and the rest, as they say, is history.

Last June, on a lazy Sunday, while on a walk with Kiki, Christine (very nervously) popped the question to Ana who said YES! (Side note: there is a longer/funnier version of this story which we are happy to tell if anyone is curious :) )

Most days you can find us in the soccer field but if we aren’t kicking the ball around we’re probably snuggling with our two fur babies Kiki and Sami. Or strolling along the lake or through High Park (where we got engaged!). Recently you'll catch us listening to our new favourite band (which is also the first concert we went to together) Boygenius. Bottom line we are always having fun together.

We are so excited to be getting married and we feel so fortunate to be celebrating with all of you!